by Katrina Valenti

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This a rough mix of something that might appear on my album that will be released Spring of 2013.


Everything I've had has been broken or used
And I don't see no sense in buying something new
Cause I know
Time will take it away

I don't like no glimmer the sparkle or the tags
They bury you in paper and say it's too bad
That you bought into their game

I've got five dollars in my pocket
And no sheets on my bed
There's some spoiled milk in the refrigerator
And dirty thoughts in my head
I drank all my whiskey and I'm laying on the floor
I don't need nobody telling me I need anything more

Baby you're a nice boy but I don't see no use
In you buying me a diamond ring
And listening to you
About what's wrong in the world

Listen here's your problem
Lest it affects you
You say it's ain't your job to
Care about this news
So you don't do a damn thing

Honestly your apathy
Sickens me but I digress
Society is a fickle thing
You have passed their test
You wanna be a model citizen
ya got your wish
You're blissfully ignorant
and unyielding to change
You're all the same.


released December 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Katrina Valenti Boston, Massachusetts

Katrina Valenti captures her haunting past and view of the world through her poetic lyrics and spookily beautiful voice. Let her music draw you in and surround you.

-Sam "Sweet Lips" Small

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